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Our Club

was established in Auckland in 1970 by German immigrants to provide a meeting place for like-minded people and today has a membership of about 150.  It has been and remains to be the objective of the club to uphold the German language and customs and therefore German is also the club language.  Our regular events relate primarily to German traditions but at the same time we also maintain contacts with other European clubs.  Anyone who has an interest in our language and matters German can experience this with us at or events and guests of all ages are always welcome.


The President of the German Society

Management Committee

Due to the corona crisis and the resulting lockdown the ususal AGM of the German Society was conducted per internet and a new management committee was elected as follows:



Vice President




Treasurer and

    Membership Secretary


Herbert Dreher


Bärbel Clearkin

Edelgard Wai

Doris Schroeder


Inge Romeike

Application Form

Do you wish to become a member of the German Society?  It is not necessary to be German.  From here you can print out an Application Form for membership.  Please complete it and mail it to the address given.


The annual membership fee (for the club year 1.4. to 31.3. the following year) is:  $15 per person, youths under the age of 18 years no charge.

Management Committee
Up coming club functions for 2020

15. Nov 2020

Spring Festival and 50 Years German Society

Auckland Botanic Gardens

The Friends Bldg

102 Hill Rd, Manurewa, Akl 2105

Start 11 am

Costs: Memb $15, M-Childr under 15 year free                     Guests $25, G-Childr under 15 years $10

Booking by 5.11.

As from now payments can no longer be made by cheque as our bank ANZ does not accept them anymore

A booking is required for every function and please direct bookings to our Membership Secretary.  Payments can only be made per internet banking into our account at ANZ No. 06-0101-0299101-00.  Please give your name, name of event and for how many persons payment is made (eg 2 members + 1 guest = 2M 1G.


Entry fees to functions are frequently lower for members than for guests.  Such cases are due to contributions the club makes from its funds to its members.  Even entry fees for guests do at times not cover the costs and is a good reason for guests to become a member of the German Society.

You can read about our previous functions under Past Events (below) or have a look into our Photo Gallerie.

Past Events



26. July 2020 - Frühschoppen at Union Post, Ellerslie

After a long break of more than five months, we finally had the opportunity to get together for a cozy meeting.  We were just a small group of 15 members at the Union Post Pub in Ellerslie, maybe because Covid 19 got used to staying at home to protect us from the risk of infection.  With beer, wine and hot chocolate as well as a filling lunch there was a lot to tell and to laugh about.  We were happy to have seen friends again, we said goodbye to each other around 2.30pm and assured us that we would be there again for the mulled wine / goulash evening.

16. February 2020 - Picnic in Cornwall Park

Under the canopy of a mighty tree in beautiful Cornwall Park, 28 members and guests came together for a cozy gathering and chatted relaxed and happy.  Our President Herbert Dreher warmly welcomed everyone present and wished them enjoyable hours.  This was the signal to start eating what everyone had brought along and sharing with friends.  Some of us played Petanque and developed increasing skill in throwing the balls.  The weather was ideal, not too hot, but pleasantly warm in summer.  Around 3 p.m. the company relaxed and was looking forward to the next meeting at the Coopers Creek Winery.


8. December 2019 - Christmas Function in Restaurant 'Sorrento', One Tree Hill

This year, our Christmas function was again one of the most popular events of the club year for 78 members and guests.  The tables decorated with wreath and candle as well as the festively decorated fir tree created a Christmas atmosphere; and the pastries on the tables invited to nibble.  As usual, our President Herbert Dreher opened the festivity and Edelgard Wai led the program.  The musical prelude to our Christmas party was provided by Lisa Lorell, an established singer with a diverse repertoire.  Her expressive performance of "Little Drummer Boy", "O Holy Night" and "Ave Maria" was very well received.  Jürgen Schubert dix the Bible reading of the Christmas story.  Afterwards we sang two traditional Christmas carols together.  Edelgard's granddaughter Saraya accompanied our singing on the piano and supported her sister Geneva, who then played three Christmas carols on the violin.  To conclude her contribution to the program, Geneva said another poem.  The formal part of our celebration ended with the singing of "Kling Glöckchen kling" and "Silent Night".  After sociable talks and an excellent buffet, the raffle prizes were drawn.  Many people came home with a welcome prize, for which we would like to thank the sponsors.


10. November 2019 - Spring Festival and 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Restaurant Rose Park Hotel, Parnell

One day after the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago, 35 members celebrated this special day of remembrance with a walk through the Rose Garden in Parnell followed by a delicious lunch at the Rose Park Hotel.  In a somewhat changeable weather, we managed to admire the colorful flowers in the park, before the downpour drove us into the restaurant.  Comfortably gathered at the nicely set tables with a view of the rose garden, Herbert, our President, greeted us and described to us his various impressions of Berlin during his four short visits to Berlin, since the Wall was built and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Later, our Berlin members talked about their everyday life during this historical phase of our homeland.  Particularly impressive was the lively report by Bärbel Clearkin, whose family was doing business in both East and West Berlin.  Enriched by the exchange of personal experiences, this commemoration day was brought to a worthy conclusion.


6. October 2019 - Day of German Unity, Restaurant "Sorrento", One Tree Hill

For the 29th day of reunification, our president, Herbert Dreher, welcomed 48 members and 5 guests. He especially welcomed our Honorary Consul, Mr. Erich Bachmann with wife and our guest speaker, Mr. Greg Thwaite. After a review of our president on the development of the events that led to the construction and fall of the wall since the end of World War II, Greg Thwaite described his personal impressions and experiences in Berlin before the turn. He vividly emphasized the contrasts between East and West, with some listeners remembering their own experiences of this historical phase. After that we sang the national anthem and raised our glasses to the welfare of Germany and New Zealand. Talented music students provided the musical background of our celebration with the Piano Quartet in G minor by Johannes Brahms. It was followed by the convivial part with talks and the popular lunch buffet. The festivity ended around 3pm.


15. September 2019 - Film Afternoon with Coffee and Cake, Danish House

The humorous film "Three Men in the Snow" invited us on a nostalgic journey into the past.  The confusion of the rich industrialist Geheimrat Schlüter with the unemployed Dr. Fritz Hagedorn, who meet in a distinguished alpine hotel, brought the 19 members present to hearty laughter.  The entertaining comedy and the subsequent afternoon coffee with delicious, homemade cake from our club ladies guaranteed the audience a harmonious get-together.

18. August 2019 - Mulled Wine Evening with Goulash Dinner at Telle

31 members and visitors visited Cheryl and Helmut Telle on Sunday.  This event was just the thing to escape a winter cold rainy day.  The mulled wine and a warm log fire created a convivial setting.  Our President Herbert welcomed us warmly, thanked all for the hospitality and entertained us with funny life wisdom.  The pan-fried Spätzle with goulash and red cabbage tasted excellent.  After dessert followed by coffee and tea, the sociability ended with the satisfied feeling of having spent a cosy Sunday evening among friends.


14. July 2019 - Ten Pin Bowling, Westgate

Together with the Austrian Club we had another combined event of Ten Pin Bowling.  With 22 players we bowled on four lanes, with some refreshments in between and had a lot of fun like at previous occasions.  However, the mood was clouded by the fall of Rosa Frost, who suffered a shoulder injury and required the use of an ambulance to the hospital.  We all hope for a speedy recovery. - Ian Tulloch was the best of the day and received the challenge cup and the day ended with a convivial coffee round in the nearby café.

13. April 2019 - Visit to Butterfly Creek, Akl Airport
On a beautiful Saturday morning, 21 members came to visit Butterfly Creek.  A big attraction was the tropical butterfly house with its many species of butterflies fluttering between plants and visitors.  In the enclosure next door two crocodiles lay motionless in the sun.  The path led through the kiwi house and to aquariums, insects, birds, reptiles, otters and other animals. The small train wound through the area past dragons and dinosaurs and we then headed for refreshments in the restaurant.


23. March 2019 - Federweißer and Zwiebelkuchen at Coopers Creek Vineyard, Huapai

Summer was still in full swing, when we met  again at Coopers Creek to Federweißen and Zwiebelkuchen (onion cake) and some even moved their chair to the shade to escape the sun.  The Alpenländer Trio entertained with familiar melodies and was well supported by singing along.  We had more than enough to eat and drink and no one came short. In the afternoon, a piece of plum cake was served, which rounded off a convivial event for the 59 participants.


10. February 2019 - Picnic in Cornwall Park

In glorious summer weather, 34 participants met for a convivial picnic in Cornwall Park and everyone got an ice cream as a greeting. We sat in a big circle in the shade and this offered a good opportunity to 'exchange'. We also tried to launch some petanqué games, but the participation was less than the amount of prizes foreseen. Soon everyone unpacked their lunch and some shared with those around. It was a relaxed gathering with little effort and at the end a small group visited the big band's park concert.



2. December 2018 - Christmas Function in Restaurant 'Sorrento', One Tree Hill

Our Christmas party took place on 2nd December in a festively decorated room of the restaurant Sorrento. 86 members and guests gathered for the celebration and the tables were adorned with candles, fir branches, Christmas cookies and stollen. There was also a beautifull Christmas tree, under which the presents for the children were laid. Our President warmly welcomed those present and Edelgard Wai guided us through the programme. After that the string orchestra Yid-Ee Goh played Christmas tunes and we all sang together the songs "Alle Jahre wieder", "O Tannenbaum" and "Kling Glöckchen kling". Jürgen Schubert then read the Christmas story. Saraya sang the "Mary" lullaby and Geneva gave us a Christmas poem.  Together we sang "Silent Night" and Edelgard's grandchildren played some melodies on the guitar. Our Vice President Herbert Dreher represented Santa Claus this year, who was unfortunately prevented and Herbert distributed the gifts to the children. At 6:15 pm the buffet was opened. This was again excellently prepared and all members and guests enjoyed it very much. After the meal, the raffle was drawn and the presents distributed. The evening ended at 7.30 pm.

11. November 2018 - Spring Festival in Eden Garden, Epsom

A light rain had just started when 32 members gathered at 12 noon for our Spring Festival in Eden Garden.  The date coincided with two historical events, to which we devoted some thoughts.  The First World War was brought to a close a hundred years ago on this day and we celebrated the opening of the Berlin Wall 29 years ago, as usual, with a glass of sparkling wine.  A selection of several kinds of 'finger food' was served for lunch and then there was time for each participant to visit the garden.  Soon everyone returned back to the 'Garden Room' for coffee and cake and as it was a Spring Festival, Herbert Dreher recited some poems that were known to us from our school days.  Eden Garden fulfilled all our wishes and sparkling wine, finger food followed by coffee and cake did their part for a convivial event.


7. October 2018 - Day of German Unity, Restaurant "Sorrento", One Tree Hill

With 52 members and 4 guests we were this year a smaller gathering than usual but with an intimate feel.  After the welcome by our President, Dr. Stephan Resch, President of the Goethe Society, gave the speech.  He talked about his memories as a teenager in Germany and how the turbulent days around 1989 touched him, words that found a grateful response from many listeners.  After that we sang the German national anthem and toasted the welfare of Germany and New Zealand. Three music students, Jacquie, David and Hamish, formed the musical framework with songs by Mozart and Schubert and a rhapsody by List and earned great acclaim. The ever-coveted lunch buffet ushered in the convivial part of the celebration and offered ample opportunity for conversation.  The festive occasion ended at 3pm.


8. September 2018 -  Haxen Dinner at "Der Metz", Kohimarama

34 members were tightly seated next to each other to the Haxenessen in the lavishly decorated German restaurant "Der Metz". Not everyone took part in the huge portions of pork knuckles and regardless of their food choices, almost all participants went home with a doggy bag.  It was once again a convivial evening.


19. August 2018 - Film Afternoon in Danish House, Penrose

For our film afternoon in Danish House we showed the movie "Amadeus" from the year 1984. Based on the stage play of the same name, Mozart's life was portrayed from the point of view of Antonio Salieri. The three-hour running time was interrupted by a refreshment break with coffee and cake and 22 members spent an entertaining afternoon.


29. July 2018 - Ten Pin Bowling, Westgate
In a joint event we met again with the Austrian Club.  We were together 18 participants and played in mixed groups on three tracks. It was amazing how much fun it was and at half-time there was something to nibble.  The winner received the challenge cup and after that to a sociable coffee round.


1. July 2018 - Frühschoppen at Bricklane Restaurant, New Lynn

For our annual Frühschoppen (brunch), we met again at the Bricklane Restaurant in New Lynn.  With 14 members, our group was considerably smaller than usual, but allowed us all to sit around one table.  Luckily there was a lot of conversation, because the ordered food was a long time coming.


10. June 2018 - Mandolinata Orchestra in Danish House, Penrose

On a bleak autumn Sunday, the sonorous Mandolinata Orchestra once again delighted us with familiar and popular melodies. Bryan Holden, conductor and music director of the orchestra, invited the enthusiastic listeners to a journey across Europe with folk music, waltz and operetta sounds and explained every musical contribution with an interesting, entertaining commentary.  With delicious coffee and cake, accompanied by a chat with friends, time flew by in no time. The varied program and convivial gathering of 29 members and 20 guests guaranteed the success of a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

15. April 2018 - Autumn Walk through Eden Garden and Refreshments by Telle

The weather did not look very good in the morning for a hike but just in time for the meeting point at the Eden Garden the rain showers disappeared and the sun was again out for us.  14 members and 2 children walked comfortably through the "Garden of Eden" in the truest sense of the word.  Some did not even know of the existence of this green gem in Auckland.  Afterwards everyone met at Helmut and Cheryl Telle for a snack.  The two had prepared different goodies, hearty and sweet.  Thus, the calories burned from the hike were back on the hip.  So what.  It was a social round and our birthday boy Henry List invited everyone to a glass of champagne.

24. March 2018 - Federweißer with Onion Cake at Coopers Vineyard, Huapai

As already for many years, our Federweisser with onion cake ushered in the autumn.
The weather god was not quite with us this year and towards at the end of the event some of our members were getting wet feet. Despite a new record attendance of 57 people, the organizers had prepared this time and everyone could eat enough of the onion cake.  The Federweiße tasted delicious again and the plum cake rounded off the afternoon.
New this year was the musical accompaniment by the Alpenländler Trio, which played lively and also the singing along of well-known German folk songs gave everyone a lot of fun.











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