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German Society of New Zealand Inc. - Auckland

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Our Club

was established in Auckland in 1970 by German immigrants to provide a meeting place for like-minded people and today has a membership of about 150.  It has been and remains to be the objective of the club to uphold the German language and customs and therefore German is also the club language.  Our regular events relate primarily to German traditions but at the same time we also maintain contacts with other European clubs.  Anyone who has an interest in our language and matters German can experience this with us at or events and guests of all ages are always welcome.


The President of the German Society

Anchor 1 Management
Management Committee

The Annual General Meeting of the German Society was held on 7th May 2022 in the Danish House, Penrose and a new management committee was elected as follows:



Vice President







Bärbel Clearkin


Inge Romeike

Doris Schroeder

Angela Burzig


Bryce Beeston

Thomas Macnaughtan

Jürgen Schubert

Anchor 2 Applic Form
Application Form

Do you wish to become a member of the German Society?  It is not necessary to be German.  From here you can print out an Application Form for membership.  Please complete it and mail it to the address given.


The annual membership fee (for the club year 1.4. to 31.3. the following year) is: $50 for the first member, $30 for every subsequent member of a household and their Youths under 16 years of age no charge.

Management Committee
Anchor 3 Functions
Up-coming club functions for 2024

16. June 2024


Cosmopolitan Club Papatoetoe

53 Rangitoto Rd, Papatoetoe, Akl 2025

Start 12 noon

Booking by 7.6.2024

Everyone pays their own bill

A booking is required for every function and please direct bookings to our Secretary.  Payments can only be made per internet banking into our account at ANZ No. 06-0101-0299101-00.  Please give your name, name of event and for how many persons payment is made (eg 2 members + 1 guest = 2M 1G.


Entry fees to functions are frequently lower for members than for guests.  Such cases are due to contributions the club makes from its funds to its members.  Even entry fees for guests do at times not cover the costs and is a good reason for guests to become a member of the German Society.

You can read about our previous functions under Past Events (below) or have a look into our Photo Gallerie.

Anchor 4 Past Events
Past Events


23. April 2024 - Visit of the Waiheke Musical Museum

A group of 22 participants came to visit the Musical Museum.  The crossing to Waiheke took place in wonderful summer weather and was like a boat trip to a vacationer's paradise.  After docking in Matiatia, a short bus ride and we were at our destination.  The museum was founded in 1996 by Lloyd and Joan Whittaker.  Already years before, the couple had purchased and restored musical instruments from antique shops, second-hand shops and sheds.

Through a lively explanation and demonstration, we were introduced to rare and unusual instruments.  These were brought to NZ by early missionaries and immigrants and were also left behind by artists after their tours had ended.  For us it was an insight into the musical life of the country 100 to 150 years ago.

The museum visit was the end of our event, but most of the participants went to the same restaurant for lunch.  There everyone decided when they wanted to go back and an impressive trip came to an end.

23. March 2024 - Onion Cake & Cider at Bärbel's home

For many years we met in March for Federweißer and Zwiebelkuchen at Coopers Creek Vineyard.  But as from this year Federweißer was no longer available and our President opened her house to enjoy the Zwiebelkuchen or onion cake with cider instead of the Federweiße.  Including the hostess, we were a group of 21 members plus 2 guests and 3 musicians from the band ‘Sounds of Europe’.  The journey alone was a trip into the countryside and the wonderful location of the property with a wide view over the Manukau Harbor was a blessing.  We enjoyed the President's hospitality, the relaxed conviviality, the onion cake with apple cider and the sounds of the music.  After an appropriate break, cherry crumble cake with cream and the ever essential coffee were served on royal porcelain.  Once again an excellent get-together and thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the event backstage.

13. February 2024 - Picnic in the Botanic Gardens, Manurewa

Our annual picnic has always been in Cornwall Park and each participant brought their own provisions.  This year the event was to have a new format and the decision was made to go to the Botanic Gardens.  In order to be independent of the weather, the Logan Campbell Bldg was rented.  Sausages were grilled there and the committee provided a varied selection of food and drink.  19 members came at 11 am together, and by beautiful summer weather we sat in the garden, enjoyed the food and drink served and each other's company.  The meal was plentiful and everyone sat comfortably and no one thought of taking a walk through the garden.  At around 3 pm the group began to break up again, and everyone satisfied they came.



10. December 2023 - Christmas Function in Restaurant 'Sorrento', One Tree Hill

Our Christmas party is always the most important event of the club year and, as before, took place in the festively decorated hall of 'Sorrento in the Park'.  55 Members and 7 guests came together and took advantage of the opportunity to socialize until the welcome by our President Bärbel Clearkin.  Angela Heising led us through the program and the Mandolinata Orchestra started off with well-known melodies and invited us to sing along to Christmas carols.  This was followed by the Christmas story, read by Jürgen Schubert, another musical and singing performance and then a humorous Christmas poem by Rosa Frost.  In the meantime, the buffet dinner was served and with its varied selection of main courses and desserts, every taste was catered for.  After the meal the raffle took place and nine prizes were up for grabs.  Elaine Dreher was the lucky winner of the grand prize.  A short closing word from our president brought our club's 2023 year to an end with another successful event.

7. November 2023 - Spring Festival in the Botanic Gardens, Manurewa

We met for our spring festival late in the morning in the Logan Campbell Building of the Botanic Gardens.  The building is just right for small groups and we immediately took a walk through the gardens.  The often unstable weather in spring was confirmed and very soon a rain shower came and ended the tour prematurely.  Back to our house and the committee was busy getting lunch ready.  14 participants came together and our president welcomed them with her very own positivity.  Lunch consisted of a selection of delicious finger food followed by coffee and cakes and in between a rain shower drummed on the roof.  It was once again a sociable gathering that came to an end around 2 p.m.

1.October 2023 - Day of German Unity in Restaurant 'Sorrento', One Tree Hill

Traditionally, we celebrate this day in a festive setting.  After welcoming the 42 participants, especially our two guests, the new ambassador, Ms. Nicole Menzenbach, and the honorary consul, Mr. Erich Bachmann, our president Bärbel Claerkin handed over the floor to Ms. Menzenbach.  She spoke about the close cooperation between Germany and New Zealand and the similarities between both countries.  We then sang the German national anthem and raised our glasses to toast the well-being of Germany and New Zealand.  The musical presentation by two students added to the festivity of the ceremony.  The event ended after the tasty lunch.

17. September 2023 - Brunch at Bärbel' Home

As in previous years, on this warm, sunny spring day, 20 club members met for lunch in the beautifully situated property of Bärbel, our president.  The motto of the day: “It’s all about the sausage” did not exaggerate. The ample selection of sausages, salads and other delicacies was tempting.  There was no lack of good appetite.  A big thank you goes to the tireless efforts of our committee in organizing this relaxing day.  In a happy mood and satiated, the relaxed group made its way home around half past two.

27. August 2023 - Ten Bin Bowling, Westgate

As in previous years, a group of 23 members came for the bowling together, 9 from the German Society and 14 from the Austrian Club.  Everyone did their best to win points and with all the efforts many a ball ended up in the groove.  As always, it was very much a fun day.  Our Austrian friends showed us again how to do it.  They were skillfully the best and kept the challenge cup, along with our congratulations.  Most of the participants went home at the end, but a few still met for coffee at Starbucks.


22. July 2023 - Games Afternoon at Telle's

At lunchtime, 13 members met at Cheryl and Helmut Telle's, some of them laden with bags full of card and board games.  We were greeted with mulled wine and soon after a delicious pea soup was served.  Two of the participants left very early and the remaining ones were in no hurry to play.  The main thing was a get together.  Finally, a card and a board game got going. Some players were serious, others were almost in stitches with laughter.  All enthusiasm for games came abruptly to an end when coffee was served with a very fine Black Forest cake. Although we were a small number, we spent a successful afternoon.

18. June 2023 - Frühschoppen at Restaurant "Mitten Drin", Avondale

As in the previous year, we met for our usual Frühschoppen at the German restaurant 'Mitten Drin' in Avondale.  Despite the frequent rain, 19 members and 2 guests came together at a long table in the late morning.  There was ample choice of typical German fare, along with Munich draft beer or wine, which added to the conviviality.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it and one could see approval on their faces.  Around 1 p.m. the first participants already said goodbye, satisfied with the time and the company.


18. March 2023 - Federweißer at Coopers Creek Vineyard, Huapai

42 members and 2 guests of our club did not want to miss the popular tradition of enjoying the first fresh wine, the Federweißer.  This drink also includes juicy onion cake, which this time again tasted very good.  With bright sunshine and the sound of familiar melodies played by Erich Schrey and his musicians, the already good mood was significantly increased. There was singing, swaying, dancing and laughing and no lack of German cosiness.  Delicious plum cake was served with the afternoon coffee, which, like the onion cake, was made by the our baker Meinolf Kräling. Everyone was enthusiastic about the event.  It ended around 2:30 p.m.

26. February 2023 - Picnic in Cornwall Park

After our picnic Sunday had to be postponed twice due to unfriendly rainy weather, we were finally lucky and blessed with warm sunshine on this Sunday, which attracted 16 club members to the park.  In a good mood, because among friends, everyone enjoyed the provisions they had brought with them and even shared some delicacies with the cozy group.  At around 2:30 p.m., those present returned home satisfied and relaxed.


4. December 2022 - Christmas Function in Restaurant 'Sorrento', One Tree Hill

Finally being able to celebrate Christmas together again was a reason for special joy for 56 members and 5 guests. The decorated Christmas tree and the Advent wreaths on the tables created a festive atmosphere.  The individual gingerbread houses with place cards and a lucky ticket, a small gift from the club, were particularly well received.  As always, Herbert Dreher, our president, gave us a warm welcome before the Mandolinata group started our Christmas programme with happy melodies.  A funny Christmas story and a humorous Santa Claus poem, performed by Angela Heising and Rosa Frost, provided pleasant entertainment.  We sang traditional Christmas carols and the rhythmic sounds of the Mandolinata musicians even invited to a little dance.  The buffet was varied and offered something for every taste.  After the meal, the raffle took place. Many gift baskets from the club were to be won.  All the happy winners and guests went home satisfied after a few closing words from Herbert.

10. November 2022 - Visit of Hamilton Gardens

Our day trip to Hamilton Gardens had 15 members and access to the comfortable coach was at Albany Bus Station, Green Lane and Karaka.  The weather was consistently pleasant, with often cloudy skies, and around 11 a.m. we reached our destination south of Hamilton on the Waikato.
60 years ago the site was an ugly dump and over the years has been transformed into a popular attraction, with over a million visitors annually.  As well as extensive parks, the enclosed gardens are a major draw, divided into 'Paradise Gardens' reflecting earlier cultures (China, Japan, Italian Renaissance etc), 'Fantasy Gardens' (Tudor, Mansfield, Surrealists etc) and finally 'Productive Gardens', e.g. herb garden.  All peaceful oases that please the eye.
Our little group quickly split up, but we came back together for lunch.  Then a visit to the rose garden, where we were invited to rate the more than 50 types of roses.
The return journey began around 3 p.m. and instead of immediately using the expressway, our driver chose a varied route through the Waikato landscape via Gordonton and only from Taupiri the expressway.  A very impressive day came to an end.

16. October 2022 - Frühschoppen at Restaurant "Mitten Drin", Avondale

For the annual morning pint, or Frühschoppen, 17 members met in the German restaurant 'Mitten Drin' in the late morning and were welcomed by President Herbert Dreher.  There was a sufficient selection of hearty home cooking, plus Munich beer on tap or wine, which encouraged conviviality.  Some managed to have dessert afterwards.  This time the gathering was on a smaller scale and allowed to talk to everyone.  Around 2 p.m. the first ones already said goodbye, satisfied with the meal and the company.​

2. October 2022 - Day of German Unity in Restaurant 'Sorrento', One Tree Hill

The Day of German Unity was celebrated by 40 members in the Restaurant Sorrento.  The tables were nicely set with flowers and a small German flag, and everyone was happy to be able to celebrate this special day together again after the two-year Covid break.  After the guests were welcomed by our President Herbert Dreher, our club member Dr Gisela Klette gave an interesting speech entitled: “Future Center for German Unity and European Transformation”.  We then sang the national anthem and raised our glasses to toast the wellbeing of Germany and New Zealand.  Two students provided the musical framework for the celebration with classical sounds.  At around 12:15 p.m. the tasty buffet was opened and at around 2:30 p.m. our celebration ended.

15. & 16. September 2022 - Hundertwasser Museum und Quarry Garden, Whangarei

Our 2-day tour to the Hundertwasser Museum in Whangarei attracted 22 club members.  The journey started at 8.30am in Karaka, where the first members boarded the bus.  Other gathering points were Greenlane and Albany Park.  The bus ride was pleasant and we reached Whangarei around 1.30pm.  Before visiting the museum, we strengthened ourselves with a lunch snack in the Serenity Café.  The exhibition and especially the video in the museum provided a deep insight into Hundertwasser's understanding of art and philosophy of life.  It was most interesting.  After visiting the museum and checking into the hotel, everyone had some time to freshen up before we met again for dinner in the hotel restaurant.
The next day the bus took us to Quarry Garden.  The tour through the beautifully landscaped garden in full bloom drew our attention to some special features.  The spring-like weather also played a positive role, at least mostly.  After the walk in the fresh air, the appetite kicked in, which we satisfied over lunch in the café.
The journey home was punctuated with a stopover in Warkworth, where we enthusiastically attended a chocolate tasting.  As on the outward journey, our bus stopped at three collection points and let the last of us get off in Karaka.
This trip was a successful outing from which everyone returned home enthusiastic and satisfied.

21. August 2022 - Games Afternoon at Helmut und Cheryl Telle

Late in the morning 13 members gathered for games at Helmut and Cheryl Telle's house and a mulled wine was served as a welcome.  There was a split up into several groups and they settled which games they wanted to play.  It was very funny and there was a lot of laughter.  For the lunch break, Helmut Telle served a delicious goulash soup with crusty bread.  After another game round, there was apple strudel with vanilla sauce for dessert and then coffee and all participants were enthusiastic.  A very successful afternoon and everyone went home happy and cheerful.

14. August 2022 - Ten Bin Bowling, Westgate

A group of 10 Germans and 13 Austrians came together to play ten pin bowles.  The different groups did their best to collect points.  It was a very fun round and, as before, the challenge cup went to one of our Austrian friends, together with our congratulations.  After that we sat down for a coffee at Starbucks.

16. July 2022 - Brunch at Bärbel's Home

15 members and 4 guests gathered for brunch at Bärbel's residence.  The weather was appropriate to the season and the sun made an appearance from time to time.  As in previous years, the event was very relaxed and comfortable and one felt as if being on a country estate.  The magnificent view from the terrace of the extensive Manukau Harbor has contributed to this.  The rich buffet was enjoyed by all and the committee deserves our thanks for their efforts in putting it together.  Food and drink and the organ grinder enriched everyone and it was only around 2:30 p.m. that the first guests left to start the long journey home.

18. June 2022 - Film Afternoon

Since access to the Danish House was not possible, 15 members found "refuge" in Helmut Telle's house and finally feasted on coffee and cake belatedly while also enjoying a funny German film from the 1960s with Heinz Erhardt.  We thank Helmut and Cheryl for their hospitality.

19. March 2022 - Federweißer at Coopers Creek Vineyard, Huapai

The weather was kind to us and gave us warm sunshine for our traditional Federweißer.  The spicy onion cake tasted particularly good with the fresh, not 'quite' wine.  There was also no lack of a relaxed atmosphere.  Popular melodies and German folk songs played by the trio Erich, Brian and Warrick invited people to sing and dance along.  Our President Herbert Dreher wished all 33 members and our two guests a lot of fun and surprised us with a wine voucher, which all members were very happy about.  The afternoon coffee with a piece of juicy plum cake rounded off our celebration.  Happy, with a bottle of good wine under our arms, we made our way home around 2.30 p.m.

20. February 2022 - Picnic in Cornwall Park

Our first event this year was the Picnic in Cornwall Park.  On this hot, windless day, eleven members huddled together in a shady spot for a merry chat.  Our President Herbert welcomed everyone present and was pleased that this first meeting could finally take place after the almost 6-month Covid break.  As a consolation for the many cancelled gatherings, everyone was surprised with a $20 supermarket voucher.  The joy was great, the conversation lively.  Nobody noticed the dark, black rain cloud that was about to burst.  It rained heavily for ten minutes and most of us got a little wet under the tree, umbrellas and tarpaulin.  After that the sun shone like before.  The damp clothes dried and the afternoon continued undisturbed until the last friends said goodbye around 4 p.m.


14. August 2021 - Brunch at Bärbel's Home

The weather for our brunch in Bärbel's cozy home couldn't have been nicer than on this warm, sunny winter's day.  After Herbert's (President) welcome and words of thanks for Bärbel's generous hospitality, we enjoyed the inviting buffet prepared by the committee.  The wide view over the shimmering mirror of the Manukau Harbour was a particular pleasure.  There was also no lack of lively entertainment and the familiar melodies on the Berlin barrel organ contributed to the relaxed, happy atmosphere.  In the afternoon, our group of 20 people gradually broke up and refreshed made their way home.

11. June 2021 - Ten-Pin-Bowling, Westgate

After a one-year ‘corona break’, members of the German and Austrian clubs enjoyed bowling again.  The teams, spread over 4 lanes, were partly mixed, as we only had 7 players due to illness, the Austrians 16 players, but that in no way spoiled the good mood. The delicacies distributed by our President Herbert were very welcome and sweetened the fun afternoon, which ended with a joint visit to the café.  The best of the day was again, like two years ago, Ian Tulloch, who successfully defended the challenge cup for the Austrians.

13. June 2021- Frühschoppen at the Restaurant “Mitten Drin”, Avondale

On this Sunday morning, 33 club members followed the German tradition of morning pint.  As usual, our President, Herbert Dreher, welcomed the happy group and was pleased, compared to the previous year, about the almost double number of friends present.  Despite the need to spread over two adjacent rooms, there was lively conversation. The Münchner Hofbräu draft beer, pure or as a shandy, was exactly the right drink for the hearty, German home cooking, which was rounded off with apple crumble and tiramisu dessert.  After the filling meal, there were a few short conversations and satisfied with the event everyone started their way home.

11. April 2021- Visit of Puhoi

The bus trip to Puhoi was one of the nicest trips our club has made.  The initially cloudy sky turned into a bright blue firmament the closer we got to our destination.  The first meeting point was the Puhoi Valley Café, from where we drove to the Puhoi Church and the museum after a filling lunch and a short visit to the cemetery.  Jenny Schollum, President of the Museum Society, and her colleague talked about the arduous journey and arrival of the Bohemian immigrants from the Pilsen area, who reached New Zealand in the middle of winter in 1863 to settle the promised land.  The Catholic faith, the cornerstone of their hard life, is reflected in the lovingly built church with stained glass windows.  Club members Father Brian and Alex Coufal, who is from Bohemia, contributed to the talk.  The Bohemian folk dance group delighted and encouraged us to take part.  Before our return trip we refreshed ourselves with a glass of beer or Shandy in the famous Puhoi Pub and regretted that only 22 members took part in this unique excursion. ​

20. March 2021 - Federweißer at Coopers Creek Vineyard, Huapai

Sunny warm autumn weather with the happy sounds of Bryan Holden and his musicians created the ideal atmosphere for 48 friends (36 members and 12 guests) to taste the new, fruity wine of the year.  Of course, the onion cake was a must for this popular tradition.  Lively conversations, even a little dance here and there were proof of a successful meeting.  A particularly nice surprise was the voucher for a bottle of wine.  Enriched with this club gift, our members were able to continue enjoying this day at home after coffee and delicious plum cake. 


14. February 2021 - Picnic in Cornwall Park

In pleasantly warm sunshine, 27 club members gathered for a sociable picnic lunch under a magnificent rimu tree in popular Cornwall Park.  There was soon lively conversation and a happy atmosphere.  Our President Herbert wished us a relaxing Sunday afternoon and of course bon appetite.  In no time at all, everyone was eating their delicious provisions as well as a sample of homemade cheese and plum cake.  Some of us developed considerable skill in the game of petanque.  Alfred Hassenkamp was the clear champion of the team with 3 wins.  Lia Meyer also showed her ambition by taking second place. The best part was the enthusiasm of all the players. The afternoon ended happily around 3 p.m.

17. January 2021 - Goulash Dinner with Cheryl and Helmut Telle

The new year began with a cozy goulash dinner at Cheryl and Helmut, for which 25 members came.  Before we sat down at the festive table, we were served a refreshing strawberry punch.  Our President Herbert Dreher welcomed us and our new member Thomas Macnaughtan and Marlies Neusser's guest, who both quickly felt at home with us.  As expected, it all tasted very good and the chocolate mouse cake was a special treat.  The evening ended with coffee / tea and cookies and everyone was looking forward to our next meeting, a picnic in the park.

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